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Day 20: Who are you?

You’ve made it this far!

Congratulations are in order because sticking to a 21-day programme is not for the faint-hearted.

Today’s all about reflection in the form of free writing.

Free writing – best with pen and paper the old-fashioned way – is when you let your thoughts flow without any concern for spelling, grammar, or even logic. You simply let the words flow from your pen onto your page.

But first a reminder of your story from Day 1…

Read your story 3 or 4 times—or more—to raise your vibration.

So who are you? What have you learnt over the past 3 weeks? Did you discover anything new about yourself? Are there any messages your future you would like to write to your present-day you? Are you inspired to make any changes in your life? Have you noticed any changes in your life? Are there any labels you’d like to discard? Or add?

Begin your reflection with “I am…” Try to answer those questions and see where they take you. Take as much time as you need.