Day 10: “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe” Lao Tzu

Some useless information about me: I know all the lyrics to Bang Bang sung by Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Jesse J… including the rap.

Not because I’m a rap fan, or that I know ANY of Nicki Minaj’s other songs, but I’ve found that learning lyrics to complicated songs takes my mind off worrisome thoughts. Music really is a special form of therapy.

Let’s first recap your story.

Read your story 3 or 4 times—or more—to raise your vibration.


Is there a favourite song, poem, or lines from a movie you think you might like to learn? Maybe something you just like listening to, like a song that speaks to your soul?

I have one such song and it’s the Bublé version of Feeling Good. It’s about nature and love and freedom and about having a new beginning each new day. So what’s not to love? An extra-special bonus is that I have a copy of my son covering the song and I’ve set it as my alarm, which makes the perfect start to my day.

Do you have a feel-good song? If you don’t already have your feel-good song, take time out to find one. Set it as your alarm clock or store it for easy access to play whenever your vibration is low.

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